More than 30 years of science and innovation

ÅForsk has since 1985 distributed approximately 460 MKR in research and travel grants to innovators. We can help you become one of them.

About ÅForsk

ÅForsk has since its formation in 1985 been aimed at research and development within its main areas. The foundation is the largest shareholder in listed ÅF AB. The appropriations distributed are obtained by dividend from the company. The board consists of members of the founders - Kungl. Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien, IVA, Skogsindustrierna, Energiföretagen Sverige and ÅF AB.

What we are looking for

ÅForsk aims to promote research and development within the core areas mentioned below. We would like more female researchers to apply for funding. By improving gender equality, the research community becomes stronger, more productive and successful.

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How to apply:

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To be able to apply for research and travel grants you must first register an account.

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After regestering and logging in you can start a new application for research or travel grants from 'My Pages'


Your application can be submitted after the forms have been filled in as directed and the required attachments have been enclosed. Once an application has been submitted, it can no longer be edited

Latest news

Mottagare av Kunskapspriset 2018 utsedd

15 Mars 2018

Professor Mårten Schultz vid Stockholms universitet tilldelas 2018 års kunskapspris av stiftelsen ÅForsk.Läs mer

Beslut om ansökningsmedel

12 februari 2018

Vid styrelsemöte 9 februari beslutade styrelsen att under 2018 dela ut totalt 45 mkr.

Ny ordförande i ÅForsk

12 februari 2018

Vid styrelsemöte 9 februari utsågs Pernilla Winnhed från Energiföretagen Sverige till ny ordförande för ÅForsk.