Beviljade Anslag & Stipendier


Mottagare Projektnamn År
Altris Uppskalning och elektrolyt-screening av Preussisk Vit för användande i natriumbaserad energilagring 2018
Blekinge Institute of Technology An experimental study on the problem of hydrogen embrittlement in hydrogen driven transport in energy technology 2018
Chalmers tekniska högskola Hållbara lösningar för att minska spridning av organiska miljögifter från vägar i urbana miljöer 2018
Chalmers tekniska högskola Development of advanced methods for investigation and counteracting of membrane fouling during recovery of extracted wood components in biorefinery processing 2018
Chalmers Tekniska Högskola Using sunlight to catalyse demanding reactions 2018
Chalmers University of Technology Developing Superior Ultrahigh-Temperature Alloys than Superalloys (SUTA) 2018
Chalmers University of Technology CRISPR/dCAS9 mediated in vivo enzyme engineering in yeast cell factories 2018
Chalmers University of Technology Sustainable production of oleo-chemicals: graphene-based extraction from cell factories 2018
Energiforsk NEPP - Nordeuropeiska energiperspektiv 2018
Energiforsk AB Nya flöden i lokala elnät 2018
Göteborgs Universitet High performant sustainable aluminium lithium-ion batteries 2018
Högskolan i Borås Production of new renewable and biodegradable materials, enzymes and biogas through fungal solid-state fermentation onto lignocellulosic substrates 2018
Jönköping University 3DSURF 2018
KTH Microbatteries fabricated via ultrasound directed self-assembly 2018
KTH - Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan NEWS (New Experimental Wind-tunnel Setup) 2018
KTH Royal Institute of Technology Higher-symmetric materials for 5G communications (H-Materials) 2018
Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan Metoder för hållbar design av pappersmaterial och pappersbaserade strukturer 2018
Kungliga tekniska högskolan KTH Design method against sub-surface rolling contact fatigue 2018
Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan KTH Lignin-based capsule structures for new high-end technical applications 2018
Linköping University Two-dimensional Transition Metal Carbides (MXenes) - Next Battery Material? 2018
Linköping University Nya organiska material för energilagring 2018
Linköping University Printable Thermoelectric devices for Self-powered Wearable Sensors 2018
Linköping University Atomistic Surface Engineering of SiC Photoelectrode for Efficient Conversion of CO2 to Solar Fuel 2018
Linköping University Advanced techniqie for effective solar energy utilization 2018
Linköpings universitet Dopningsmekanismer i nanoporösa material 2018
Linköpings Universitet Sustainable high-performance electrochemical capacitors 2018
Linköpings Universitet Development of two-dimensional materials for a circular economy: a cyclic process for carbon capture, storage and conversion of CO2 to fuels 2018
Luleå Tekniska Universitet Energy-efficient production of solar grade silicon from industrial waste 2018
Luleå University of Technology “Green” giant core/shell quantum dots: a new path for stable and highly efficient photoelectrochemical hydrogen production 2018
Luleå University of Technology Advanced purification platforms for removal of the pharmaceutically active compounds from wastewater 2018
Lund University Cost-efficient nano-structured surfaces enhancing boiling performance for sustainable energy conversion 2018
Lund University Laser och optisk diagnostik för studier av ytrelaterade processer 2018
Lund University Comparison of DCIP and SIP tomography for hydrogeological applications at test sites in Germany and Sweden 2018
Lund University Seasonal and spatial patterns in boreal dissolved organic carbon export 2018
Lund University, LTH Structural safety of glass components 2018
Lunds Universitet Carbon free energy carriers 2018
Lunds Universitet Understanding moisture uptake in acetylated wood for durable and sustainable structures 2018
Lunds Universitet Computations of ice throw/fall with realistic ice shapes 2018
Mid Sweden University Transient electronics on cellulose nanopapers 2018
Mittuniversitetet Cellulose-based barrier films for microencapsulation of nonpolar liquids and gases 2018
Mittuniversitetet Funktionella porösa cellulosamaterial 2018
RISE Improved communication of environmental impacts 2018
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden Återvunnen betongkross i klimatneutrala konstruktioner inom transportinfrastruktur 2018
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden Smoke control in tunnels with water-based fire suppression systems 2018
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB Minskad korrosion i ångpannor genom temperaturpulsning 2018
Sodahuskommitten Analys av processdata vid smältarusningar 2018
Sodahuskommitten Sprängförsök 2018
Stockholm Universitet Tailoring the ductility of tungsten based alloys for high temperature applications 2018
Stockholm University Robust modeling tools for exhaust gas cleaning through gas-to-particle conversion 2018
Stockholms universitet Effektiv karakterisering av ytkemiska egenskaper med hjälp av nya kvantkemiska deskriptorer och maskininlärning 2018
Swerea IVF Turning waste into wealth: Development of chitosan/nanocellulose composite fibres 2018
Swerea KIMAB Utredning av kloridhaltens effekt på korrosionen hos metalliska material vid höga pH 2018
Swerea KIMAB Utredning av lämpligheten hos olika konstruktionsmaterial för sodapannors löprännor 2018
Swerea KIMAB AB Development of laboratory test methods for evaluation of high temperature corrosion below corrosive deposits 2018
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet Innovativa tekniker för hållbar hantering av dagvatten i industriell miljö 2018
Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet Målanpassade åtgärdsenheter i ett gränslöst skogsbruk (Ref till tidigare beviljad ansökan 17-524) 2018
Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, SLU Developing a biological active filter material for water treatment based on safe white-rot fungi 2018
Tekniska Högkolan i Jönköping AB FullSync4D: Fullfältsanalys av material och defekter i 4 dimensioner med hjälp av synkrotron och tomografi 2018
Umeå universitet Högfluorerade ämnen i hushållsavfall – förekomst i avfallet och lakning/spridning till omgivande miljö 2018
University of Borås Production antibacterial fibers from fungal cell wall 2018
University West FATigue strength improvement of welded high strength steels towards LightWeight design (FAT-LW) 2018
University West SCC-SuMan – Reduced Stress Corrosion Cracking Susceptibility in Ni-based Superalloys Manufactured by Electron Beam Melting 2018
Uppsala universitet Ökad funktionalitet av metalliska material från additiv tillverkning genom ytmodifiering 2018
Uppsala universitet Mot maximal energitäthet med anodlösa fastfasbatterier 2018
Uppsala universitet Gubbslemmet tar över - en ny sorts algblomning med konsekvenser för ekosystem i sjöar 2018
Uppsala Universitet Addressing the global challenge of drinking water access by sustainable, affordable and efficient total microorganism removal filter paper 2018
Uppsala University To establish in-operando FTIR measurement of electrochemical reactions at Uppsala University 2018
Uppsala University Development of sustainable activated carbons from nanocellulose for industrial CO2 capture and volatile organic compounds removal 2018
Uppsala University Toward a rational design of novel metal oxide materials to produce hydrogen fuel 2018
Uppsala University Emerging Photovoltaics for Ambient Light Applications 2018
Uppsala University Cesium additives for boosted stability of rechargeable batteries. 2018
Uppsala University Rechargeable Zn aqueous batteries via open-framework compounds 2018
ÅF Infrastructure AB Balkongers bullerdämpande effekt 2018


Projektnamn År
Participation in graduate summer school "Mean Field Games and Applications" at IPAM UCLA, Jun 18-29 2018 2018
EPR summer school 2018
Evaluation of the photovoltaic use and possibilities in Sri Lanka 2018
Presentation av Kandidatuppsats på APS Conference i San Fransisco 2018
travel for FEDSM2018 conference 2018
Creating Business: Innovative Business Models in Developing Countries where Distances are great and Resources are Scarce. 2018
Temperature and pH Controlled Self-assembly of a Protein-Polymer Biohybrid 2018
Scholarship to participate at the 29th International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference ISOPE 2019 2018
Improvements of thermoelectric properties in co-sputtered CaMnO3 thin films by alloying with Nb 2018
22nd International Conference on Phosphorus Chemistry (ICPC), 8-13 July 2018, Budapest, Hungary 2018
Attendance of International Conference on Organic Electronics 2018: Group 15-containing systems for improving the air-stability and optoelectronics of conjugated organic materials 2018
How is development affecting sustainable livelihoods and disaster risk: A comparative study of two coastal communities in Fiji 2018
Presentation of "a-priori study of wall modeling in large eddy simulation" in the 7th European Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics 2018
How is development affecting sustainable livelihoods and disaster risk: A comparative study of two coastal communities in Fiji 2018
ICPC 22, International Conference on Phosphorus Chemistry 2018 2018
Dynamic assembly of molecularly imprinted polymer nanoparticles 2018
METMA 2018 2018
Solar Panel Development for Sustainable PoE Water Filters 2018
Konferens besök till EUROCORR 2018 - Modellering av sulfidinduserad kopparkorrosion for säker förvaring av utbränt kärnbränsle 2018
Identifying opportunities to manage palm oil mill effluent (POME): the case of Indonesia 2018
44th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON) 2018
Oral talk at the 'EUROMECH COLLOQUIUM 596 - Numerical simulation of flows with particles, bubbles and droplets' in Venice 2018
Conference presentation: “A semi-analytic model of tidal inlets and their evolution” at the 36th International Conference on Coastal Engineering (ICCE/2018) from Jul 30th to Aug 3th in Baltimore, US. 2018
Turbulence Conference Travel Scholarship 2018
the 22nd International Conference on Photochemical Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy 2018
Resa till workshop Interdiscplinary Mathematics in Biology 2018
Euromembrane 2018 - Alternative cleaning strategies for membranes in biorefineries 2018
Konferensdeltagande SMICE2018 2018
Resestipendium för konferensen 26th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Köpenhamn, Danmark 2018
Creating Business: Innovative Business Models in Developing Countries where Distances are great and Resources are Scarce 2018
Presentation av forskningsresultat vid konferens 2018
the 22nd International Conference on Photochemical Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy (IPS-22) 2018
Confenrece on Lasers and Electro-Optics, CLEO 2018 2018
Metoder för utrönande av jästen Saccharomyces cerevisiae's signaleringsrespons på olika kolkällor 2018
Konferens i Kuala lumpur, Malaysiya 2018
Travel funding for attending 12th European Fluid Mechanics Conference(EFMC12) 2018
Medverkan i konferens om hållbart byggande 2018
"Alignment of Requirements and Testing in Agile: an Industrial Experience" at 15th International Conference on Information Technology : New Generations 2018
Increased sound insulation of lightweight structures with vibroacoustic models and active control 2018
HFM International Conference on Highly Frustrated Magnetism 2018, Davis, California 2018
Presentation at the International Hearing Aid Research Conference (IHCON) 2018 2018
Scientific conference: 6th Sustainable Phosphorus Summit – Brasília, Brazil, August 2018 2018
International Energy & Environment Summit, Kuala Lumpur 2018
PCET2018 2018
Travel grant for the MOF-2018 conference (Auckland, New Zealand) 2018
Master thesis presentation at COMGEO IV 2018
Koferensresa ISARC 2018 2018
Redox-Active Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for Hydrogen Evolution Catalysis 2018
Spatial distribution of material stock and its characteristics in urban environment: A case study of Gothenburg, Sweden 2018
2018 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit, 25-30/11-2018, Boston, USA 2018
Presentation vid Euromech Colloquium 596 - Numerical Simulations of Flows with Particles, Bubbels and Droplets 2018
AiMES 2018 - Cancun 2018
Research visit to RIKEN Astrophysical Big Bang Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan 2018
IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2018 2018
Oral Presentation at the 7th International Conference on Solidification and Gravity -  Miskolc - Lillafüred, Hungary - Sept. 3 - 6, 2018 2018
Gordon Research Conference on metallocofactors, 2018 2018
Study stay at RMIT in Melbourne 2018
Production of the biodegradable plastic poly-3-D-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) from xylose, using engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae 2018
Exascale Application and Software Conference 2018 Apr 16-19th in Edinburgh,Scotland 2018
Brightly luminescent lanthanide complexes for selective labelling of biomolecules 2018
Datainsamling i Moçambique till förmån för masteruppsats 2018
Metabolic Engineering Conference: Systems Metabolic Engineering for Superior Bio-Production 2018
Resestipendium: 8th World Congress of Biomechanics 8-12 Juli 2018
Conference presentation 'Efficient numerical ice-sheet simulations over long time spans' in the 13th World Congress in Computational Mechanics 22-27 July 2018, in New York City, USA 2018
Information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D) – A case of Myanmar 2018
Conferance 2018
travel grant for attending CLEO 2018 Conference 2018
Medverkande vid ”The 19th International Meeting on Lithium Batteries” (IMLB2018) 2018
Summer school "Mean field games and applications" at IPAM, University of california, Los Angeles, June 2018. 2018
Molekyldynamik i TelAviv 2018
31st European Crystallographic Meeting 2018
Conference presentation: "Simulation and Optimization of a Humidification-Dehumidification Solar-Desalination System" at CHISA 2018, Prague 25-29 August 2018 2018
Modelling the energy system of Bolivia in order to support the achievement of SDG7 2018
Modelling the energy system of Bolivia in order to support the achievement of SDG7 2018
Resa till fjortonde internationella konferensen om urbanhistoria i Rom 2018
Resestipendie för doktorand vid Chalmers att presentera ny forskning vid en vetenskaplig konferens, 10th International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry (IVS) på Svalbard, Norge inom VLBI. 2018
To attend conference: International Conference on Applied energy (ICAE2018), August 22-25, 2018, Hong Kong, China 2018

Vinnarna 2018 är utsedda

Vid Innovationsriksdagen i Borås 10-11 april 2018 delades årets Entreprenörsstipendier ut till följande:

  • Daniel Ehrnberg E - Spira Energy AB; Leverantör av effektiva energilagringssystem
  • Dongfang Li E - FineCell Sweden AB; A technology to produce Nanocellulose
  • Emma Ericson E - Atium; Selektivt och effektivt rena vattenfrån kvicksilver och andra giftiga tungmetaller
  • Josefin Persson E - Sustainable Innovation of Scandinavia AB; Urban farming
  • Katarina Bengtsson E - LunaMicro AB; Water transporting textiles
  • Linn Bäckegren E - Nemetic; Kirurgiskt verktyg för att förkorta tiden för stängning vid öppen bukoperation
  • Lisa Hellberg E - DiaPure AB; Återvinner näring ur avloppsvatten
  • Martin Engman E - Nordic Welding Engineering AB; Svetsning
  • Peter Nilsson E - Utvecklat vätskekylning utan rörliga delar till nästa generations satelliter
  • Prarthanas Khokar E - Fureho AB; Designs, develops and produces innovative 3D carbon fibre reinforced composite materials